Mooncakes for Charity 2015
The Community Chest of Hong Kong and Wing Wah Cake Shop have co-organised “Mooncakes for Charity” since 1990. This year, two kinds of charity mooncakes - “White lotus seed paste mooncake with two yolks” and “Icy fantasy icy mooncake” will be offered at HK$176 and HK$158 respectively. While you are enjoying the Mid-Autumn Festival, please consider buying these meaningful gift vouchers to support the needy.
Limited supply while stock lasts.[More]
The Community Chest Wheelock Swim for Millions 2015
Enjoy our beaches, come and swim for our community – all in one go – please join “The Community Chest Wheelock Swim for Millions” on Sunday, 25 October 2015 at Repulse Bay Beach.[More]
Corporate and Employee Contribution Programme
Corporate and Employee Contribution Programme is one of the major fund-raising programmes of The Community Chest, which will recognise the total contribution from companies and employees to the Chest through a recognition programme. You may designate your contribution to a specific area of services or a member agency, or channel your funds to support a particular service project as you wish. [More]