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Important Notes
1.   Enrolment is on a first come, first served basis.
2.   Each Walk Pass is valid for one person only.
3.   Child under 1 meter does not need a Walk Pass.
For safety concerns, participants aged 16 or below should be accompanied by their parents or guardians to participate in this Charity Walk.
Please note there is no drop-out point along the Walk Route, participants must finish walking the whole route of around 4 km.
Instructions to Participants
Participant must arrive at the embarking point according to the boarding time stipulated on the Walk Pass. Any person fails to do so or without a valid Walk Pass shall be refused to participate in the Walk.
Participant must use the shuttle service provided by the Organiser to and from the Start and Finish Points.
Participant must accept that the Organiser, Hong Kong SAR Government and the contractor shall not be liable for any accident or injury to participant or his property.
As the Walk Route runs along bridges and highways, participant should take extra safety precaution, especially for any accompanied children. Do not lean on, climb over or pass through any barrier or divider placed along the Walk Route.
There is no drop-out point along the Walk Route. Participant must bring sufficient drinking water and snacks for the journey. Stop if participant is exhausted or feeling sick, and should contact the duty personnel immediately for assistance.
To avoid over-exposure under the sun and to prepare for bad weather, participant must bring sun hat and rain gear. Due to the high wind speed on the bridges and highways and for the safety of the participants, umbrella is not allowed.
Participant must not bring any roller skates / blade / skateboard / trolley or other large object which may cause obstruction to the smooth flow of the walk. Participant must not bring any animals or pets.
Participants should follow the instructions of the duty personnel and must not do or omit to do any act, physical or otherwise, that may cause disruption of the smooth flow of the walk/ traffic and / or disturbance to any participants.
Please keep the route clean and do not litter.