Fraudster Posing As Staff Of The Community Chest

We have recently received some enquiries about a person posing as staff of The Community Chest of Hong Kong to solicit donations with the promise of financial return for the donor. With reference to such cases, we have the following announcement to make:

  • The Community Chest has not conducted, or authorized any third party to conduct, any projects that come with an investment element.
  • The Community Chest does not give financial reward to individual or corporate donors.
  • It is an offence to collect donations by posing as staff of The Community Chest.

Members of the public are advised that when asked to make a donation, they are to read carefully about the donation methods, and check the authenticity of the official chop, to protect themselves against fraud. If you want to find out more about The Community Chest, please call 2599 6111, email or check out the following links.

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We are an independent, non-profit making organisation neither funded, nor operated by the Government.

Our administrative expenses of The Community Chest is subsidised by a generous annual grant from The Hong Kong Jockey Club and return from prudent investment. Therefore, the Chest is very proud to be one of the few fund-raising bodies in the world who can assure our donors that 100% of funds raised are allocated to the services without any deduction for administrative expenses.

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