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School Visit
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During the school visit, we will give a brief introduction about the work of the Chest and the services it subvents. Our social welfare member agencies will also be invited to take part in the sharing session.

Our member agencies provide a wide range of services. This will help participating schools to identity service themes, such as adolescent mental health, caring for the underprivileged and building positive values, to complement their curricula.
Disability Inclusion
Adolescent Psychological/
Mental Health
Caring for the
Building Positive Values
Leadership / Volunteering
Equality and Respect
Environmental Friendly/
Food Saving Education
Family Welfare
Life Education
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If you have enquiries or would like to arrange school visits by members of The Community Chest of Hong Kong, please contact:

- call us on 2599 6111,
- or fill out the online application form.

Limited quota. The Chest reserves the right of final decision on all arrangements for the school visit.