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The Community Chest Rainbow Fund provides timely financial assistance to individuals and families affected by emergency crises, accidents and natural disasters. Below is a list of recent beneficiary cases in which the breadwinners were killed or suffered serious injuries in accidents.

(Chinese only)
Date Case
2024-04-19 9月大女嬰受創恐永久傷殘 母感彷徨難掩傷痛
2024-03-04 好爸爸地盤猝死 孤寡陷困境
2024-01-05 山頂普樂道男工意外亡 近八旬母痛失孻仔
2023-10-06 電工學徒疑觸電亡 遺兩老悲慟無助
2023-08-25 機場航天城男工疑觸電亡 遺妻子及兩年幼子女