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The Community Chest Rainbow Fund provides timely financial assistance to individuals and families affected by emergency crises, accidents and natural disasters. Below is a list of recent beneficiary cases in which the breadwinners were killed or suffered serious injuries in accidents.

(Chinese only)
Date Case
2022-09-07 40歲送貨員車禍喪生 遺八旬雙親亟待相助
2022-08-22 外賣員交通意外亡 十歲女兒哭尋爸
2022-07-14 貨車司機車禍意外亡 四口家溫馨時光不再
2022-07-08 孝子意外墮斃 八旬雙親亟待援手
2022-01-21 赤鱲角技工意外亡 遺下妻兒前路茫茫
2022-01-07 污水井工人意外亡 兩年幼兒子失父愛