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2022-09-20 The Chest and Tencent Charity Foundation Work “Together for Good” Call on Everyone to Wear Comfortably and Care for Each Other on Dress Casual Day 2022
2022-09-08 公益金及時雨基金撥款 協助秀茂坪工業意外傷亡者家屬 (Chinese version only)
2022-08-31 The Chest and Tencent Join Hands to Spread ‘Together for Good’ Spirit Through 99 Giving Day
2022-08-29 The Chest’s Virtual Walk for Millions Raises Over HK$6.2 Million to Bolster Family and Child Welfare Services
2022-08-11 香港公益金感謝中銀香港捐贈門票 讓首批基層家庭學童免費參觀香港故宮文化博物館 (Chinese version only)
2022-07-06 The Chest Launches Medical Assistance Fund to Fill Service Gaps for Persons with Specific Medical Needs in First Phase
2022-07-04 The Chest Thanks CE for Donating Surplus Campaign Funds Benefitting the Disadvantaged
2022-07-04 公益行善「折」食日 2022 攜手關懷弱勢社群 (Chinese version only)
2022-06-27 The Chest Continues to Address Imminent Social Needs Amid Difficult Times