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Press Releases
Date Press Release
2023-09-18 Dress Casual Day 30th Anniversary
2023-09-04 The Chest and Tencent Join Hands Do Good Deeds with "Little Safflower"
2023-07-06 公益行善「折」食日 2023 為露宿者、籠屋及板間房居民服務籌款 (Chinese version only)
2023-06-29 The Community Chest Dress Casual Day 2022 Raises Over HK$21 Million Thanks to All the Participants and Supporting Organisations
2023-06-19 The Community Chest 54th Annual General Meeting Continues to Address Imminent Social Needs and Ensure Effective Use of Funds
2023-06-15 2022/2023年度公益金「環保為公益」 386間學校響應 籌得逾535萬元 (Chinese version only)
2023-06-12 「萬眾同心公益金」迎公益金邁向55周年 籌劃特別活動為「公益金醫療援助基金」籌款 (Chinese version only)
2023-06-01 The Chest’s Walks for Millions Raises Over HK$15 Million to Bolster Family and Child Welfare Services
2023-05-17 The Chest Joins Forces with Tencent Foundation and WeChat Pay HK To Launch “Stamps for Good” Charity Initiative