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Event Calendar
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Date Title
2022-11-05 The Community Chest Flag Day 2022
2022-10-28 Dress Casual Day 2022
2022-06 Mooncakes for Charity 2022
2022-09-08 The Community Chest BEA Charity Golf Day 2022
2021-09 - 2022-03 Greening for the Chest 2021 - 2022
All Year Round Corporate and Employee Contribution Programme
All Year Round Souvenirs for the Chest
All Year Round Laisee for the Chest
All Year Round Celebrations for the Chest
All Year Round Noonday Gun for the Chest
All Year Round General Donations
Should there be any changes to the above events, announcements will be made by The Community Chest.
For event details, please call the Chest Office at 2599 6111 or visit our website.

*Our campaign year runs from 1 April to 31 March the following year.