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Laisee for the Chest
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Love, come home…..

Ms Wong suffers from dementia.  Earlier on, Ms Wong sneaked out of the flat without purse and mobile phone while her husband was taking a nap.  Devastated, her daughter immediately sought help from The Community Chest’s member agency - Hong Kong Society for the Aged (SAGE).  With the support of SAGE’s Anti-Lost Helpline, they finally found the exhausted Ms Wong in Shatin at nightfall.
Hong Kong’s population is aging rapidly with the number of people aged 65 and above increasing at an alarming rate.  Giving out Laisee is considered as a way to express our blessings to the beloved ones during Chinese New Year.  Share your blessings with the elderly in need. Donate your Laisee to the Chest and help us spread the message of love across the territories.
The Community Chest will allocate 100% of your contributions to strengthen “Elderly Services”. By providing multi-dimensional services, the Chest addresses their various personal needs, helps the elderly join in community activities and demonstrate their strengths. These services include:

  1. Residential Services
  2. Occupational Therapy & Physiotherapy
  3. Day Care Centre and Day Respite Care Service
  4. Care for the Elderly Living Alone
  5. Educational, Social & Cultural Programmes and Community Support Services

Your "Laisee" helps to:

HK$100    Subsidise an elderly living in care home to participate in an outdoor activity
HK$300    Provide dietitian consultation service for an elderly to improve his/her health
HK$800    Provide holistic care and cognitive training for an elderly suffering from dementia

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