5 Community Development Projects

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5 Community Development Projects
Funding Category
BaseLine Allocations
Service Types
Community Development and Other Services - Community Development Services and Community Centres
Funding Period
2023 - 2024
Project Code
Agency Name
Caritas - Hong Kong
Project Name
5 Community Development Projects
Approved Allocation
Project Detail

To conduct 5 community development projects : (1) Mutual Aid Centre for Single Parent Families, (2) Asian Migrant Social Service Project, (3) Labour Development Project, (4) Women Development Project and (5) Development Project for Grassroots Organisations.

These service users are generally lacking resources and knowledge to deal with their daily life problems. They are socially isolated and without supportive network. Through empowerment and capacity building, they are encouraged to form self-help groups for building social support network and change their common disadvantageous environment. The ultimate goal is to integrate the deprived groups into the community.