Daylily Project for Young / Single Mothers

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Daylily Project for Young / Single Mothers
Funding Category
BaseLine Allocations
Service Types
Family and Child Welfare Services - Family Support Services
Funding Period
2023 - 2024
Project Code
Agency Name
Against Child Abuse Limited
Project Name
Daylily Project for Young / Single Mothers
Approved Allocation
Project Detail

The project aims to help single and young mothers who lack social support to their families, especially those with children who need special care and attention.  Young single mothers are usually viewed as inexperienced, easily stressed out, and with limited knowledge and skills in parenting their children.  Some of them even have to face all sorts of problem by themselves because of their single parenthood.

The project focuses on promoting the prevention of unattended incidents to their children, advocating positive and non-corporal punishment, and helping vulnerable young mothers who have been identified by the Government’s Comprehensive Child Development Service but lack following up support.