Care for the Elderly Living Alone

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Care for the Elderly Living Alone
Funding Category
BaseLine Allocations
Service Types
Elderly Services - Community Support Services
Funding Period
2023 - 2024
Project Code
Agency Name
Association for Engineering and Medical Volunteer Services
Project Name
Care for the Elderly Living Alone
Wong Tai Sin
Approved Allocation
Project Detail

The service aims to provide social and psychological support to elderly living alone as well as those receiving little support from their family. Through regular visits, volunteers provide emotional and psychological support to the elderly so as to reduce their sense of loneliness and widen their social network. Besides, volunteers will also pay attention to the elders’ health conditions and home safety. Referrals to nurse volunteers will be made to provide medical consultation and advice on medication. Through this service, early detection of any health and home safety problems can be made and appropriate treatment can be rendered accordingly.