Speech Therapy and Parents Support Services

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Speech Therapy and Parents Support Services
Funding Category
BaseLine Allocations
Service Types
Rehabilitation and Aftercare Services - Other Rehabilitation Services
Funding Period
2023 - 2024
Project Code
Agency Name
Benji's Centre Limited
Project Name
Speech Therapy and Parents Support Services
Approved Allocation
Project Detail

Benji’s Centre is providing one on one speech and language therapy and assessment in both Chinese and English language to children and teenagers below the age of 16 with communication disorders. The centre allocates 70% of service quota for full or partial fee remission to families in need of financial assistance (including Comprehensive Social Security Assistance families). The remaining 30% pay only $300 for each 45 minutes session and the fee is less than half of the private therapy rate. The centre also provides parent support services including parent education seminars, family activities, home visit, counselling / consultation, and parent resources and toy library services.