“Arts for Youth” Emotional Wellness Project

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“Arts for Youth” Emotional Wellness Project
Funding Category
Time Limited Projects
Service Types
Rehabilitation and Aftercare Services - Services for the Mentally Ill & Ex-mentally Ill
Funding Period
2022 - 2024
Project Code
Agency Name
Caritas - Hong Kong
Project Name
“Arts for Youth” Emotional Wellness Project
Approved Allocation
Project Detail

An emotional wellness project for adolescents aged 12-24 who are concerned about their emotional health, having emotional fluctuations or emotionally high-risk.  The project will use Creative Arts, Music and Emotion Focused Therapy as the intervention methods to enhance adolescent emotional wellness and prevent mental disturbances.  It will integrate emotional health education and therapy into the Visual Arts subject of schools in order to create an emotionally friendly school environment; help adolescents perceive and express their emotions through song-writing courses in the community so as to foster their self-expression and self-compassion to cope with emotional distress; and enhance the public concern.

Project Remark
This project is supported by HSBC through a donation to The Community Chest of Hong Kong