Charity Partnership Programme Connects and Supports Community Development

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Charity Partnership Programme Connects and Supports Community Development

Mr Chung, who is 87 years old, has a history of suffering from stroke. Due to his hospitalisation for leg problems in early 2021, he experienced a severe decline in mobility. His daughter, who lives with him, has a full-time job. She was worried about the risk of mishaps when her father needs to stay home alone upon his discharge from hospital.

Ms Chung contacted the Christian Family Service Centre, a member agency of the Chest, to seek help. After learning about Mr Chung’s predicament, the centre promptly set up daytime programmes for him. Mr Chung joined the Walking with You – Community Transitional Day Rehabilitation Programme, funded by the HKEX Charity Partnership Programme.

Mr Chung received training in muscle strengthening, joint mobility and walking exercises. He gradually developed the ability to walk by himself while using a frame. He became highly involved in various programmes provided by the centre. Over time, both his physical and mental conditions had seen significant improvements. During the fifth wave of COVID-19, Mr Chung joined the morning workout video session offered by the centre every day. Ms Chung is grateful in seeing her father’s improvement. “My father’s strength and memory have substantially improved, he trusts the personnel of the centre and enjoys the activities very much.”

The Community Chest and Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) have established a philanthropic partnership for more than 20 years. The HKEX Charity Partnership Programme was set up in 2020, and through the programme the Chest collaborates with HKEX Foundation to support community projects that address social and environment challenges across four focus areas: Financial Literacy, Diversity and Inclusion, Poverty Relief and Environmental Sustainability. The programme aims to make meaningful and positive impacts to the long-term sustainability of Hong Kong.