Regain the Meaning of Life through Helping Others

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Regain the Meaning of Life through Helping Others

15 years ago, Mr Sin had a serious accident at 27-year-old and was seriously injured. Since then, he had to attend physiotherapy regularly and felt very sad and frustrated. He thought that he would be a disabled person for the rest of his life.

Later, Mr Sin approached the Community Resources Recycling and Repairment Project coordinated by St. James Settlement and funded by The Community Chest. He became a volunteer of the project serving grassroots in the society by providing matching services between the second-hand furniture donors and recipients. He got lots of self-satisfaction and was grateful that he got the strength and ability to help others. Through the project, he got acquainted with a lot of volunteers, friends and community resources, which helped him to build a new social network and support.

After experiencing a major change in his life, Mr Sin regained the meaning of life by serving and helping others, and enriching his own life at the same time.