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Member Agencies of the Chest to Launch Eight Community Projects Supported by HK$20 million Donation from HKEX Foundation
For the second year in a row, HKEX Foundation, through the HKEX Charity Partnership Programme, contributed another HK$20 million to support community projects and services offered by member agencies of The Community Chest of Hong Kong (the Chest) that address social and environmental challenges facing our society.
Today, the Chest announced that after careful vetting by the Admissions, Budgets and Allocations Committee, eight projects have been selected for funding support. Among them, four projects promote diversity and inclusion, two projects focus on poverty relief, and the remaining two projects are related to financial literacy and environmental sustainability.
All projects will be launched between January and June in 2022 with a three-year service period.
Mrs Laura M Cha, HKEX Chairman and Chairman of HKEX Foundation, said: “Throughout the year, HKEX Foundation has actively engaged and given back to our communities. Thanks to generous donations from listed issuers and market participants, as well as the support of The Community Chest of Hong Kong, we are very pleased to see the strong momentum and increasing impact in particular of the HKEX Charity Partnership Programme. As a responsible corporate citizen, we seek to address sustainability and social issues at a local level, reflecting HKEX’s commitment to our collective future.”
Dr Simon Kwok, Chairman of the Chest’s Executive Committee, said: “We really appreciate HKEX Foundation’s continued generosity. Through the HKEX Charity Partnership Programme, HKEX Foundation transforms its philanthropic spirit into action, and the funds will go a long way in enhancing resources for the Chest’s member agencies to deliver impactful social services and community projects that address the needs of society and for the long-term sustainability of Hong Kong.”
The Chest and HKEX have established a robust philanthropic partnership for over two decades. Since 1999, over HK$1.2 billion has been raised in total through the Stock Code for Charity Scheme from more than 1,200 participating companies to support the Chest’s member agencies.
HKEX Charity Partnership Programme
Allocation via The Community Chest of Hong Kong
2022 Funded Projects
Name of the Project Name of the Agency
Financial Literacy
Project WHOLE - Little Wealth and Health Manager Incubation Programme Community Drug Advisory Council
Diversity and Inclusion
Step-Up - Together We Build An Inclusive Community with Love The Methodist Church Hong Kong - Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service
Empowering Sexual Violence Victims in a Digital Age: Online Emotional Support Project RainLily
WeTV Inclusion Media Hong Kong Federation of the Blind
Inclusive Training Academy for Persons with Disabilities New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association
Poverty Relief
Everyone is a Community Carer – Integrated Care Service for Remote Rural Elders Sai Kung District Community Centre Limited
Traditional Chinese Medicine Services for Restoring Physical and Psychological Wellness of Breast Cancer Patients Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation Limited
Environmental Sustainability
Oi Hip Farm House Christian Oi Hip Fellowship Limited