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 24 November 2016
In celebration of Dr Stanley Ho’s 95th birthday
Mrs Lucina Ho and children donate HK$2 Million to The Community Chest
Tomorrow (25 November) will be the 95th birthday of renowned philanthropist, entrepreneur and Vice Patron of The Community Chest of Hong Kong (the Chest) Dr Stanley Ho.  In celebration of Dr Ho’s birthday, his wife Lucina and five children: Pansy, Daisy, Maisy, Josie and Lawrence made a generous donation of HK$2 million to the Chest in support of the “Celebrations for the Chest”, a fund-raising initiative proposed by Dr Ho in 2001 that asks people to donate their celebrations budgets to charity.
Dr Stanley Ho said, “My family knows my birthday wish – what a wonderful pleasure it is to share my birthday with so many people through donating to the Chest!  I hope that more people will experience the joy in giving back to the community, and that their concerted efforts will help contribute toward building a harmonious society.”
Chest Campaign Committee Chairman Dr Simon Kwok commended Dr Ho and his family for their generosity when he said, “The Chest is most grateful to Dr Ho for his continuous patronage in the past four decades, and for his birthday donation to us every year; his kindness over the years is greatly appreciated.”
Ms Pansy Ho said, “We follow the example of our father in giving back to society, and are actively involved in numerous charity endeavours.  Each year the Chest provides funding to over 150 member welfare organisations, through which over 2 million people receive benefits.  We are very pleased to show them our support.”
Dr Ho joined the Chest in 1973.  He had been Honorary Adviser of the Campaign Committee for more than a decade, after which he engaged in various capacities: as Member of Board of Directors, and Honorary Advisor of the 40th Anniversary Organising Committee, making significant contribution in the development of the Chest over the past four decades.  Dr Ho is Vice Patron and Former Directors of the Chest currently.  Under the benevolent influence of Dr Ho, Ms Pansy Ho and Mr Lawrence Ho also joined the Chest’s family. Ms Ho is currently Vice Patron and member of the Former Directors Committee, and Mr Ho is Member of Board of Directors.  The spirit of selfless giving of Dr Ho and his family has set an outstanding example for the community.
Aside from being a long-time supporter, Dr Ho has livened up many fund-raising occasions such as the annual television charity shows with his humorous speeches, and helped raise major donations.
Photo captions:
1.  Dr Stanley Ho (centre) celebrates his 95th birthday with wife Lucina (right), their children Pansy (left), Maisy (second right) and Josie (second left).
2.  (from left) Pansy Ho, Dr Stanely Ho, Maisy Ho and Mrs Lucina Ho
3.  (from left) Daisy Ho, Dr Stanely Ho and Mrs Lucina Ho
4.  Dr Stanley Ho with wife Lucina.
About The Community Chest of Hong Kong
The Community Chest of Hong Kong was established in 1968 as an independent, non-profit making organisation neither funded, nor operated by the Government.  Each year, the Chest organises fund-raising events to benefit over 150 member social welfare agencies that reach out to more than two million beneficiaries in Hong Kong in six major areas of services: children & youth, elderly, family & child welfare, medical & health, rehabilitation & aftercare, and community development. The Chest’s administrative expenses come from a subsidised grant from our partner-in-charity, The Hong Kong Jockey Club, in addition to income from investments. This allows the Chest to allocate 100% of funds raised to charitable use; this operations model makes the Chest unique among its peers, and helps fulfil its mission to act as trustee of the donors.
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