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12 February 2020
The Community Chest Anti-NCP Rainbow Fund
Supports Individuals and Families Inflicted by Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia
Taking into consideration the severe epidemic of current Novel Coronavirus situation in Hong Kong and the long term effects on many business and individuals, The Community Chest today (12 February) announced that it would set up “The Community Chest Anti-NCP Rainbow Fund” (Anti-NCP Fund) with an initial start-up of HK$10 million injected from its donation reserve in helping the Hong Kong people to overcome their financial difficulties.
The purpose of the Anti-NCP Fund is to support individuals and families suffering from sudden hardship inflicted by Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP). Target beneficiaries include breadwinners from the hotel, tourism, catering, transportation and retail sectors, as well as Hong Kong residents who are required to be quarantined.
About “The Community Chest Anti-NCP Rainbow Fund”:
  • The running of the Anti-NCP Fund will last for three months commencing 12 February 2020 (Wednesday).
  • The operation of the Anti-NCP Fund will be assisted by the existing 19 partner agencies of The Community Chest Rainbow Fund. Social workers will do the assessment and disburse the grant to the approved case. Enquirers are suggested to contact the social workers of the assessment centres for more details of application according to their residential address. Please visit the following website for information of all assessment centres in 18 districts in Hong Kong:
  • The grant amount will range from HK$2,000 to HK$10,000, depending on the family size.
The Community Chest welcomes corporate and individual donors to make donations to support the Anti-NCP Fund to help the people in need.
Donation Methods:
About The Community Chest of Hong Kong
The Community Chest of Hong Kong was established in 1968 as an independent, non-profit making organisation neither funded nor operated by the Government. The Chest has been serving Hong Kong for over 50 years. Each year, the Chest organises fund-raising events for over 160 social welfare member agencies to provide services to more than 2.5 million beneficiaries in Hong Kong in six major areas of services: children & youth, elderly, family & child welfare, medical & health, rehabilitation & aftercare, and community development. The Chest’s administration expenses come from a subsidised grant from our partner-in-charity, The Hong Kong Jockey Club, in addition to income from investments. This allows the Chest to allocate 100% of funds raised to charitable use; this operations model makes the Chest unique among its peers, and helps fulfil its mission to act as trustee of the donors. For more information, please visit our website
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