Children & Youth Services

Children & Youth Services
Children & Youth
In FY23/24
Service Objectives
Service Objectives
  • To provide caring services, support services and various developmental and training projects to help children and youths acquire well-rounded personal growth and overcome difficulties in their lives.
  • To provide a myriad of activities aiming to enhance their leadership and inter-personal skills, to expand their social networks and develop their sense of self-responsibility.
Service Types
Developmental And Support Services
To adopt multi-disciplinary services and intervention approaches for youths in handling their developmental problems, obstacles and challenges from different aspects, e.g. personal, social, studies, careers, family and life, and to build a healthy life with positive attitudes. Projects include:

  • Employment and Education Development
  • Counselling Service for Internet Addiction
  • Life Education and Integration Education
  • Community Services
  • Adventure-based Training
  • Camp and Hostels
  • Play Training and Education
  • Uniform Groups
Children & Youth Centres
To provide after school care service for the unattended children after school hours, to encourage children and youths to engage in worthwhile activities and community participation for personal development, and to offer support networks among peers and families. Projects include:

  • After School Care Service
  • Tutorial Guidance
  • Personal Services and Developmental Groups