Community Development & Other Services

Community Development & Other Services
Community Development
& Other Services
In FY24/25
Service Objectives
Service Objectives
  • To promote social relationship and cohesion within the community
  • To encourage the participation of individuals in solving community problems and improving the quality of community life.
Service Types
Community Development Services, Community Centres & Volunteering Service
To provide neighbourhood support to the community, explore people’s potentials and build an integrated society; To explore and develop community resources and to promote and enhance sense of belonging. Projects include:

  • Community Service Centres
  • Community Development Projects
  • Support Services for the Deprived Groups
  • Volunteering Service & Training
Counselling & Befriending Services
To provide various counselling services to the needy and assist them to solve their problems and live positively. Projects include:

  • Counselling Services
  • Hotline Counselling Services
  • Bereavement Counselling Services
  • Psychological Support Service
Food Recycle and Meal Assistance Services
To reduce food waste at source, alleviate hunger, relieve poverty and educate the next generation to avoid food waste and protect environment. Projects include:

  • Food Rescue and Assistance Programme
  • Community Kitchen
  • Avoid Food Waste Education Programme
Services for Street Sleepers & Residents in Cage Homes and Cubicles
To assist the homeless and residents of poor living condition in improving their quality of life. Projects include:

  • Personal and Family Support Services
  • Counselling Service
  • Short-term Accommodation Service
Labour & Employment Services
To facilitate the deprived groups returning to the job market with employment support services, provide relevant information and support services for the low-income and grassroots community. Projects include:

  • Employment Counselling Services
  • Vocational Education and Training
  • Employment Re-training Programmes
  • Labour Ordinance Enquiry Service
Other Services
To enhance overall awareness and foster social-cohesion mutual help. Projects include:

  • Tracing Service
  • Emergency Assistance and Preparedness
  • Humanitarian Education
  • Incubation of Innovation Projects