Elderly Services

Elderly Services
Elderly Services
In FY23/24
Service Objectives
Service Objectives
  • To encourage and assist people to take care of their senior family members.
  • To provide multi-dimensional services for senior citizens to join in community activities.
  • To demonstrate their strengths and to enable them enjoy good health and have a sense of security, belonging and worthiness.
Service Types
Community Support Services
With increasing diversity of community support services for the elders, a more integrated approach to facilitate access to services is adopted to meet their respective needs and improve their quality of life. Projects include:

  • Home Care, Household Maintenance & Improvement Services
  • Community Health Support Programmes for the Elders
  • Day Care Centre and Day Respite Care Service
  • Carers’ Support Services
  • Care for the Elderly Living Alone
Residential Services
To provide residential care and facilities for those who, for personal, social, health and/or other reasons, are unable to live at home; to take care of their varying personal needs. Projects include:

  • Elderly Homes & Hostels
  • Care & Attention Homes
  • Occupational Therapy & Physiotherapy
  • Dementia Service & Fall Prevention Projects
  • Educational, Social & Cultural Programmes