Family & Child Welfare Services

Family & Child Welfare Services
Family & Child
Welfare Services
In FY23/24
Service Objectives
Service Objectives
  • To maintain and strengthen family bonding
  • To encourage mutual support relationship among family members
  • To help them prevent and cope with individual or family problems
  • To provide services for their unmet needs.
Service Types
Family Support Services
To foster and reinforce caring relationship among family members; to help prevent and cope with personal and family problems; to provide support services and establish support networks to single-parent families, victims of family violence and deprived families. Projects include:

  • Support Service for Single Parent Families, Families with Extra-marital Affairs and Family Violence
  • Family Life Education
  • Family Casework and Counselling Service
  • Intercountry Casework & Services for New Arrivals
Child Care & Child Protection Services
To provide an optimum environment for children’s development and to provide assistance to neglected children. To raise public awareness towards prevention of child abuse and provision for remedial services. Projects include:

  • Prevention Service for Child Abuse
  • Child Care Centres and Baby Care Services
  • Small Group Homes, Residential Service for Boys / Girls
  • Pre-school Education Reference Centre
Services for Women
To promote women’s personal growth and development; to encourage their social participation, enhance their self-awareness and explore their potentials. Projects include:

  • Women’s Clubs/ Women Centres
  • Support Service for Victims of Sexual Violence