Medical Assistance Fund

Medical Assistance Fund

Under 16 years old children and youth patients with diabetes


Supported Service:

To support pediatric diabetic patients using Continuous Glucose Monitor
(2022/23 – 2024/25)

Service Highlight:

The Community Chest Medical Assistance Fund
Helps Diabetic Children Smile Again


Project Description:

Diabetic patients have to test their blood glucose levels before meals four or more times per day. They have to use a lancet, a small needle-like medical device, to prick their fingertips to collect blood samples.
Alternatively, a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) can be used which can alleviate the finger-pricking pain. However, the cost for using a CGM is not affordable to patients from low income families.
The Chest will provide CGMs to patients below the age of 16 from disadvantaged families to help them monitor their blood glucose levels.

Member Agency:

Youth Diabetes Action

Contact Information:

2544 3362 / 2543 0555