Medical Assistance Fund

Medical Assistance Fund

Wheelchair users


Supported Service:

Supporting Wheelchair Users for Electric Wheelchairs
(2022/23 – 2024/25)


Project Description:

Under the existing social welfare system, only CSSA recipients are eligible to receive government subsidies for buying electric wheelchairs. Some low-income persons with disabilities who are non-CSSA recipients cannot afford to buy a new electric wheelchair. Also, instead of buying a new one, many electric wheelchair users may want to replace the batteries, motors or tyres of their electric wheelchairs. But financial aids for replacement costs are limited.
The Chest supports low-income non-CSSA wheelchair users to purchase either a new electric wheelchair or replace the batteries, motors or tyres of their electric wheelchairs based on pre-defined assessment criteria via the member agency. This helps relieve their financial pressure as to improve their mobility in the community.

Member Agency:

1st Step Association Limited

Contact Information:

3165 8337

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