Medical Assistance Fund

Medical Assistance Fund

Youth from underprivileged families with mental health issues


Supported Service:

Adolescent Mental Health Early Assessment Service
(2022/23 – 2024/25)

Service Highlight:

The Community Chest Medical Assistance Fund Supports Emotionally Troubled Youth

Project Description:

Due to financial difficulties, youth from disadvantaged families with mental health issues have to rely on the public healthcare system for services. As the demand far outstrips supply, there is a long waiting list for both assessment and treatment. In most cases, the golden time for treatment may be missed due to the long wait. An alternative option is to seek help from private mental health professionals so as to avoid the long wait.
The Chest will support two member agencies providing early intervention mental health services with either a psychiatrist, a clinical psychologist or a counsellor. Together with prescription drugs, this will provide patients with access to timely and appropriate mental health assessment and treatment.

Member Agency: Member Agency:
Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service Hong Kong Children and Youth Services
Contact Information: Contact Information:
2386 1717 2679 7557