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The Community Chest Pandemic Rainbow Fund
Hong Kong has been ravaged by COVID-19 since early 2020; the pandemic has badly affected the economy and people’s livelihoods. In view of the situation, the Chest quickly set up The Community Chest Pandemic Rainbow Fund to support individuals and families affected by the pandemic.

The Pandemic Rainbow Fund reopened for the fourth round of applications in April 2022 to support those who faced economic difficulties, especially due to the 5th wave of COVID-19 epidemic related unemployment, underemployment or pay cut. The applications were vetted by the Chest’s 27 Rainbow Fund partner agencies, and the fourth round closed on 31 March 2023.
From 12 February to
31 August 2020
(First and Second Rounds)
From 7 April to
30 September 2021
(Third Round)
From 19 April 2022
to 31 March 2023
(Fourth Round)
Number of Applications
9,820 1,924 1,435
Number of Approved Cases
9,658 1,894 1,412
Number of Beneficiaries
24,322 5,212 4,031
Amount Granted
HK$66.8M HK$14.0M HK$11.5M
Distribution of Pandemic Rainbow Fund
Among Inflicted Industries