Allocation Strategy

We allocate funds raised to quality programmes that make a measurable difference for people in need.

Allocation Process

The Community Chest allocation process starts by forming our Admissions, Budgets and Allocations Committee (ABAC). Served by volunteers from different sectors, this Committee ensures that funds are distributed fairly, objectively and with consideration for their best use. An Outcome Measurement Model will be adopted during the allocation process.

Admission Process

To be able to receive funding from the Chest, an organisation must be admitted as our Member Agency first.

Admission Criteria

The organisation must be registered in Hong Kong

The organisation is recognised as an approved charitable institution under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap. 112) for at least 3 years

The organisation has provided direct non-profit making social services for the Hong Kong community for at least 3 years 

All admission applications will be vetted by our ABAC through rigorous vetting procedures, which include fact-finding visits to the offices or service centres of the applicants.

*Interested organisations can contact the Chest Office by email at for further details.

Budget Process

Based on the previous year's fund-raising result, an allocation budget for the coming year will be set around June each year. Member agencies will be invited to submit their project proposals with funding requirements and expected output and outcome.

Allocation Decision

By carefully reviewing programme descriptions, budgets, proposed output and outcome and performance reports, our ABAC ensures you that donations are invested in programmes that achieve measurable results in areas that address the local social needs through our fair, transparent and accountable Allocation Process.


Member agencies are required to submit their progress reports bi-annual reports, annual reports, annual audited accounts and management letters to the Chest. Funding will be withheld if member agencies cannot submit the required documents or cannot provide satisfactory answers to queries concerning the documents submitted.

As part of its monitoring exercise, the Chest Office will arrange visits to member agencies and review their services on a regular basis.

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