Art in Hospital Limited


1. Holistic care - Provide patients and their families with care and create a cozy and comfortable environment by bringing art into the hospitals;

2. Joining artistic force - Encourage artists, art students, volunteers and general public to contribute their creativity and artistic skills to benefit the community;

3. Patients as artists - Provide patients opportunities to take an active role to express and share their feelings to achieve self-healing, and to explore their artistic potentials;

4. Supporting the supporters - Provide professional training of hospital art for our volunteers and medical practitioners so that their learning can further benefit the community;

5. Uniting the Society - Sensitise the society of importance of hospital art and encourage public participation in hospital art projects;

6. Advocacy exploration - Establish new partnership and open up other funding sources so as to fully utilise possible resources.

Type of Services
Rehabilitation & Aftercare Services
Room 704A, 7/F
HK Arts Centre
2 Harbour Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Chest Supported Service & Project

BaseLine Allocations

Time Limited Projects

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