Volunteer Service in Mental Health

Funding Category
BaseLine Allocations
Service Types
Community Development & Other Services - Volunteering Services
Funding Period
2020 - 2021
Project Code
Agency Name
Mental Health Association of Hong Kong, The
Project Name
Volunteer Service in Mental Health
Approved Allocation
Project Detail

Volunteer Service in Mental Health (VSMH) provides visits and services for mental patients in hospitals, and other specific target groups living in the community, such as persons with mental illness and their carers, children with autism and mental handicap, and demented elderly.
The overall objectives of the VSMH are:
1. To promote volunteers’ understanding and acceptance of mental patients and mental illnesses through training and participation in services;
2. To help mental in-patients maintain social contacts with the community;
3. To facilitate social integration for persons with mental illness through peer support and interactions; and
4. To facilitate volunteers to participate in mental health education and promotion activities.

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