Cheng Tak Yim Day Rehabilitation & Care Centre

Funding Category
BaseLine Allocations
Service Types
Rehabilitation & Aftercare Services - Services for the Physically Disabled
Funding Period
2020 - 2021
Project Code
Agency Name
Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation, The
Project Name
Cheng Tak Yim Day Rehabilitation & Care Centre
Approved Allocation
Project Detail

Cheng Tak Yim Day Rehabilitation & Care Centre is specialised in providing rehabilitative therapy and training, nursing care and tailor-made treatment plans for the person in need, especially those stroke or brain-damaged patients, in order to support them after the hospital treatment and to enhance their ability in physical function, life adjustment and social activity.
In addition to rehabilitative exercise classes and daily residential care, the centre organises diverse recreational activities to meet the socio-psychological needs of the members, including newsgroups, arts and crafts, birthday celebrations, and orientation parties for newcomers. This is not only beneficial to the patients, but also assists their family members in relieving the pressure, as well as helps them to achieve a happy and enjoyable life.

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