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Accident Wrecked Family of Four

57-year old Wong Po-tak died of head injuries on 26 September after being trapped in the metal bucket of a crane truck on a construction site in Shau Kei Wan. He was taken to hospital where he died, leaving behind his wife and two daughters.

Mr Wong used to be the main income-earner of the family, having worked as a road-maintenance contractor for the past 20 years, operating the crane truck that he owned. Mr Wong’s death severely impacted the family’s income, which now relies upon the earnings of Mrs Wong, who works as a cleaner, and her elder daughter. The younger daughter is a university student. In addition to paying for funeral expenses and meeting their living expenses, the Wong family has to make monthly payments of HK$17,000 on the crane truck. The Community Chest Rainbow Fund provided immediate financial assistance of HK$60,000 to the Wong family.

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