In 2016/2017, The Community Chest of Hong Kong is allocating a total of HK$284 million to support 158 member social welfare agencies and their 2,400 working units, with some funds being allocated to the Rainbow Fund to help individuals in need.


Children & Youth Services

  • Project for Adolescents with Internet Addiction
  • Youth Employment Training and Supportive Services
  • After School Care Services
  • Uniform Groups
  • Outdoor Training Programmes

Family & Child Welfare Services

  • Services for Victims of Family Violence
  • Counselling Service for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
  • Supportive Services for Low Income Families
  • Supportive Services for New Arrivals
  • Supportive Services for Single Parent Families
  • Family Counselling Services
  • Family Life Education
  • Child Protection Services
  • Residental Services for Children and Needy Individuals

Elderly Services

  • Caring Services in Homes for the Elderly
  • Services for the Elderly Living Alone
  • Services for the Elderly with Dementia
  • Comprehensive Support Programmes for Carers
  • Enrichment Programmes
  • Day Care Centres
  • Household Maintenance and Improvement Services for the Elderly
  • Community Health Programmes

Rehabilitation & Aftercare Services

  • Aftercare Services for Ex-drug Users
  • Community Education on Substance Abuse
  • Services for Ex-offenders
  • Services for the Mentally & Multiple Handicapped
  • Services for the Physically Disabled
  • Services for the Visually & Hearing Impaired
  • Services for the Mentally Ill & Ex-mentally Ill
  • Services for the Occupationally Injured, Chronically Ill & Cancer Survivors
  • Services for Autistic People
  • Supportive Services for Students with Special Education Needs

Medical & Health Services

  • Community Health Services
  • Medical and Dental Services for the Deprived
  • 24-hour Free Ambulance Service
  • Cancer Screening and Health Counselling Services
  • Recreational Service for Cancer Patients

Community Development & Other Services

  • Volunteer Recruitment Training Programmes and Service Provision Programmes
  • Community Development Projects for the Deprived
  • Labour and Employment Services
  • Counselling and Befriending Services
  • Supportive Services for Ethnic Minority
  • Outreach Services, Shelters and Activity Centre for Street Sleepers and Residents of Poor Living Environment
  • Urban Green Project
  • Food Rescue Projects

Rainbow Fund

Financial Assistance for

  • Individuals and families without the means of subsistence;
  • Individuals and families on the verge of crisis;
  • Individuals and families waiting for long-term assistance from other sources;
  • Victims and survivors of accidents and natural disasters.
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