In 2017/2018, The Community Chest of Hong Kong allocates a total of HK$298 million to support 161 member social welfare agencies and their 2,600 working units, with some funds being allocated to the Rainbow Fund to help individuals in need.       Allocation Report


Children & Youth Services

  • Project for Adolescents with Internet Addiction
  • Youth Employment Training and Supportive Services
  • After School Care Services
  • Uniform Groups
  • Outdoor Training Programmes
  • Youth Hotline Service
  • Spinal Health Programme at Schools

Family & Child Welfare Services

  • Services for Victims of Family Violence
  • Counselling Service for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
  • Supportive Services for Low Income Families
  • Supportive Services for New Arrivals
  • Supportive Services for Single Parent Families
  • Family Counselling Services
  • Family Life Education
  • Child Protection Services
  • Residental Services for Children and Needy Individuals

Elderly Services

  • Caring Services in Homes for the Elderly
  • Services for the Elderly Living Alone
  • Services for the Elderly with Dementia
  • Comprehensive Support Programmes for Carers
  • Enrichment Programmes
  • Day Care Centres
  • Household Maintenance and Improvement Services for the Elderly
  • Community Health Programmes

Rehabilitation & Aftercare Services

  • Aftercare Services for Ex-drug Users
  • Community Education on Substance Abuse
  • Services for Ex-offenders
  • Services for the Mentally & Multiple Handicapped
  • Services for the Physically Disabled
  • Services for the Visually & Hearing Impaired
  • Services for the Mentally Ill & Ex-mentally Ill
  • Services for the Occupationally Injured, Chronically Ill & Cancer Survivors
  • Services for Autistic People
  • Supportive Services for Students with Special Education Needs
  • Supportive Services for People with Eating Disorders and Community Education on Eating Disorders

Medical & Health Services

  • Community Health Services
  • Medical and Dental Services for the Deprived
  • 24-hour Free Ambulance Service
  • Cancer Screening and Health Counselling Services
  • Recreational Service for Cancer Patients

Community Development & Other Services

  • Volunteer Recruitment Training Programmes and Service Provision Programmes
  • Community Development Projects for the Deprived
  • Labour and Employment Services
  • Suicide Prevention Hotline Services
  • Counselling and Befriending Services
  • Supportive Services for Ethnic Minority
  • Outreaching Service, Shelters and Activity Centre for Street Sleepers and People in of Poor Living Conditions
  • Urban Green Project
  • Food Rescue Projects

Rainbow Fund

Financial Assistance for

  • Individuals and families without the means of subsistence;
  • Individuals and families on the verge of crisis;
  • Individuals and families waiting for long-term assistance from other sources;
  • Victims and survivors of accidents and natural disasters.
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