The Community Chest allocates a total of HK$302 million to 165 social welfare member agencies to provide Children and Youth Services, Elderly Services, Family and Child Welfare Services, Medical and Health Services, Rehabilitation and Aftercare Services, and Community Development and Other Services. Over 2.5 million beneficiaries will be helped in 2021/2022. 

Children and Youth Services

To provide caring services, support services and various developmental and training projects to help children and youth acquire well-rounded personal growth and overcome difficulties in their lives; and to provide a myriad of activities aiming to enhance leadership and inter-personal skills, expand social networks and develop their sense of self-responsibility.

Elderly Services

To encourage and assist people to take care of their senior family members through providing residential and community support services; to provide multi-dimensional services for senior citizens to join in community activities to demonstrate their strengths and to enable them enjoy good health and have a sense of security, belonging and worthiness.

Family and Child Welfare Services

To maintain and strengthen family bonding; to encourage mutual support relationship among family members; to help them prevent and cope with individual or family problems; as well as to provide services for their unmet needs.

Medical and Health Services

To support patients and their family members in better managing their daily lives and to improve their quality of life; and to advocate healthy living style and provide preventive education on different diseases among members of the community to achieve holistic development.

Rehabilitation and Aftercare Services

Rehabilitation services aim to acknowledge the equal rights of people with disabilities to be full members of the community by assisting them in developing their physical, mental and social capabilities to the fullest possible extent and to promote their integration into the community.

Aftercare Services aim to help ex-drug abusers and ex-offenders to rebuild their life and re-integrate into the community.

Community Development and Other Services

To promote social relationship and cohesion within the community, and to encourage the participation of individuals in solving community problems and improving the quality of community life.

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