CARES for You - Mental Health Support Programme

Funding Category
Time Limited Projects
Service Types
Rehabilitation & Aftercare Services - Services for the Mentally Ill & Ex-mentally Ill
Funding Period
2016 - 2019
Project Code
Agency Name
St. James' Settlement
Project Name
CARES for You - Mental Health Support Programme
Approved Allocation
Project Detail

The project aims at providing care and support to persons who are aged 40 or under exhibiting deliberate self-harm behaviour.
A comprehensive, empathic and multidimensional intervention including clinical casework, therapeutic groups, job training and coaching, mentorship and family support programme will be organised to fulfill the emotional and psychological needs of the service targets and improve their emotional health.
Besides, professional training will be provided to caregivers, teachers and professionals for promoting early identification and intervention to persons exhibiting self-harm behaviour.

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