"SOUK" Multi-generational Co-living Housing Project

Funding Category
Special Allocation Projects
Service Types
Community Development & Other Services - Others
Funding Period
2020 - 2022
Project Code
Agency Name
Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong, The
Project Name
"SOUK" Multi-generational Co-living Housing Project
Approved Allocation
Project Detail

With a theme of "You are not alone", the Project aims to address both the urgent housing needs of single persons with disadvantaged background from three generations (youth, middle-aged and elder), and the unique emotional need and loneliness of people who are not able to live with their families.  Through a multi-generational co-living model, residents will be able to improve interpersonal skills and establish a multi-level social support network; and their holistic health will also be improved subsequently.  The ultimate aim of the Project is to help residents move forward to an independent and meaningful life in the community.

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